Earthing Solutions & Need

The object of an earthing system is to provide as nearly as possible a surface under and around a station which shall be at a uniform potential and as nearly zero or absolute earth potential as possible.

Earthing associated with current-carrying conductor is normally essential to the security of the system and is generally know as system earthing. While earthing of non-current carrying metal work and conductor is seential ot the safety of human life, animals and property, and is generally known as equipment earthing.

Safe Earthing Electrodes(KP) are manufactured as per IS 3043 1987

The technology used is STRIP IN PIPE Technology in which the strip will be the primary electrode and the pipe as outer protection and also the secondary electrode.

KP Electrodes have a very low DC Resistance.


  • Easy to Install
  • less space required
  • No Maintenance required such as pouring salt water and charcoal
  • Consistence performance in the terms of resistance value.

Product Information :

Our Product developed with G.I. Strip in GI Pipe technology & compiles' with IS-3043 1987 (code of practice for Earthing.) The electrode consist one G.I. Pipe & inside the proper GI strip. The circular space between pipe & strip is filled with a highly conductive Non-corrosive, Non-magnetic material called Mineral Fill Compound (MFC)

Description of Back Fill Compound (BFC) :

  • The BFC powder is also put around the electrode in earth pit in the form of slurry which regains of moisture's.
  • BFC is supplied in 25 kg & 10 kg bags.
  • BFC (Ground resistance enhancement compound) is an earth enhancing material which is applied in and around an Earthing system to reduce the soil resistivity and lower ground impedance.
  • BFC is particularly used in different sides such as soils and rocky ground.

Sailent Features :

Low impendance Earthing, corrosion resistance, ensures safety of life and property of earth related electrical hazards. Quick dissipation of fault, short circuit and lighting current's.

  • Specially used for
     1] HT & LT Electrical installations.
     2] Transformers, HT kiosk, generators.
     3] HT substations & Power generation Plants.
     4] CNC machines & Automate plants.
     5] Hospitals equipments.
     6] Telecommunication Towers & IT Sector.
     7] Specially for lightening arrester.
  • Highlights of KPTRODE-Earth Electrodes
     1] Easy to installation
     2] Minimum space is required
     3] Life long compared to conventional Earthing
     4] Maintenance free
     5] Consistent Results oriented
     6] Cost effective

Also we are a NSIC ~ CRISIL Rated Company. ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company

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