Safe Earthing Electrode: ( Kp Make )

The technology used is strip in pipe technology, This technology is better compared to pipe earthing as stated in BS book of electrical standards IS 3043 1987.

The electrode has been tested by CPRI for a short circuit test of 01 sec for a current of 64.48 KA Peak value with 25 KA rms value.

Due to use of in-house conductive material the electrode (earth pit) become maintenance free the life of the earth-pit is 15-20 years.

The material used for filling the earth pit is BFC (Back Fill Compound) which is hygroscopic in nature due to this the resistance value remains the same for several years (Consistent performance).

Safe earthing electrodes can be used in every sector for earthing, especially for cnc machines, transformers ,DG sets, telecommunication sector, IT sector, also for LA earthing, Hospital equipments.